CNC Turned Parts / Swiss-Style CNC Machining

Precision Turning, Precision Grinding

The W.H. Bagshaw Company, “the oldest pin maker in America”, is now a precision TURNING company as well as a precision GRINDING company. Our CNC Department headed by Lou Davis will TURN your parts into the quality that you have entrusted with the W.H. Bagshaw Company since 1870.
What is a Swiss-Style CNC Machine?

» A specific type of lathe usually used to produce small precision parts.
» CNC = Computer numerical controlled Swiss type screw machines are more precise, and can produce more intricate parts
» Material is held in a bushing so the part is held close to the tools, allowing for more precise machining
» The defining characteristic of a Swiss-type lathe is a moving headstock that keeps the work piece supported near the point of tool contact » The resulting rigidity allows for higher cutting depths without sacrificing tool life or precision

cnc, turned partsBenefits of a Swiss Style CNC Machine and working with the W.H. Bagshaw Company.

» Simultaneous operations can be performed
» Manufacturing operations are programmed by computer and downloaded into the machine
» The CNC machine eliminates many – if not all – secondary operations
» The CNC machine can be set up in several hours and can run with minimal attention
» Fast prototyping capability
» Part Concentricity +/-.0002
» Diameter Range .020-.750                                                                                                                                                                        CNC turned parts, berylliumcopper2
» Tolerance +/-.0002
» Fast quote turnaround
» JIT Delivery
» Short Cycle Times
» Short, Medium and Long Runs available
» ISO 9001-2000 Certified (July 2006)

Bagshaw uses; Citizen Cincom L320 Machines

» 14 Mounted tools                                                                                                                                                                           connector, turned parts
» 5 Turning Tools
» 3 Frontwork ID Tools
» 3 Backwork ID Tools3 Live Tools
» ½” Square Shank Tool Size
» Pick off and back work unit
» Detachable oil tank and oil pan unit
» 15 Degree indexing on back spindle
» Tool nose radius Comp
» Chamfering and corner rounding
» Brookdale Coolblaster High Pressure Pump System (4 Line, 600 PSI)

We manufacture pointed, non-pointed and CNC turned parts from a variety of materials that include;

» 300 & 400 Series Stainless
» Chrome Alloy Steel
» High Carbon Steel-1060-1070
» Low Carbon Steel
» Super Carbon Steel-1080-1090
» Tool Steel
» Aluminum
» Beryllium
» Brass
» Delrin
» Monel
» Teflon


Mojo! Positive Energy! Families! That's who we are! American manufacturing. Established in 1870. Oldest Pin Makers in USA. That's W.H. Bagshaw Company!

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The safety and well being of our employees comes first at W.H. Bagshaw Company. We are committed to maintaining a healthy, safe, and stigma-free work environment through our participation in the NH “Recovery Friendly Workplace” (RFW) Initiative!


You are probably wondering if W.H. Bagshaw can make your part. The part or print that is on your desk right now! The answer is probably yes, but here is a bit more detail. We can produce from .028" to 1.25'' in diameter. Take a look at our parts library for some great examples of parts we can manufacture for you.

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