Pins, Assemblies, CNC Turned Parts and Needle Manufacturer

Awls, Picks and Punches
With the ability to assemble, form, knurl, and chamfer Bagshaw is the first when it comes to pointed hand tools. The utilization of different head styles and handle styles allows you, the customer, to select exactly what you need. Awl blades, scratch awls, machinist scribes and many other pointed hand tools are a few of our specialties.

The W.H. Bagshaw Company has been producing beauty brads since the late 1800’s. The brads, or sprigs as they are sometimes called, are Heat Treated and finished in either a BLACK  FINISH, CEMENT COAT, SEMI or PLAIN. Brads, Sprigs and or Beauty Brads are used for hardwood floor replacement and molding applications.

CNC Turned Parts
The W.H. Bagshaw Company, “the oldest pin maker in America”, is now a precision TURNING company as well as a precision GRINDING company. Our new CNC Department headed by Lou Davis will TURN your parts into the quality that you have entrusted with the W.H. Bagshaw Company since 1870.

Combs and Comb Pins
We manufacture combs and comb pins used in the hardware, textile and other industries. They are made using metal or brass Hex stock. The stock is drilled, pinned and inserted into a round wooden handle. The pin style and pattern can be made to your specifications.

Custom Pins
Our sales and engineering experience and counsel are always available to meet your custom pin requirements. Pointed and non-pointed wire products and knurled fasteners made to customer specifications. Pins can be manufactured in diameters ranging from .028” to .375” and in lengths of  ¼ ”-24”. We can furnish pins with many different styles.

Specialty fasteners is where W.H. Bagshaw can help you and your project. Please contact us to review your prints for a prompt quotation. Our company takes pride in its dedication to quality and service. We look forward to hearing from you. See our specifications for some initial ideas.

Graphic Pins
Pins for the graphic industry include Web Offset Folder pins of many different types, including; MAN Roland, Rockwell, WIFAG, Hantscho, Mitsubishi, King Press, KBA-Motter and others. The W.H. Bagshaw Company produces Headed and Threaded Paper Pins. Two-piece paper pins are available in a full range of sizes to fit virtually all web offset printing presses. The bodies are manufactured from high quality nickel plated steel.

Knurled Pins
Non-pointed pins cut to length, tumbled, deburred, knurled, flattened, chambered and plated to meet your requirements are available.

Bagshaw’s roots come from the textile industry. For well over 100 years we have manufactured lags for opening cotton, wool, jute, and synthetic fibers, waste, threads, clips and rags.

Medical Needles
We manufacture a wide range of pins, probes, points, needles, formed wire, and many other instrument styles to for use in a variety of medical, surgical and research applications. All are highly polished and fabricated to your precise specifications in 300 to 400 series stainless steel.

Pin Chemistry
Literally millions of manufactured textile pins in all sizes are available from stock. Most are made from 1060-1070 high-carbon steel, heat treated and polished, yet we can produce any textile pin to your specifications in our full range of materials. We have a wide size range capability, manufacturing within precise, specific tolerances.

Static Eliminator Pins
A specialty of the W.H. Bagshaw Company is manufacturing pointed pins in stainless steel and special Hastelloy-B3 Wires for our customers in the electrostatic discharge (ESD) industry.

Textile Pins
Used in the opening and tearing operations we are ready for your demands. While pins are our specialty we can supply your textile operation with  a multitude of pinned textile products including; Beater Lags, Card Staves, Card Pins, Combs, Dryer Plates, Flat Pins, Gill Pins, Tenter Pins, Worker Rolls, Worker Lags, Pinned Cylinders, and new or relagged picker cylinders. We also manufacture replacement beater lags for many of the top name brands including; Crompton & Knowles, Hergeth, Hollingsworth-Saco-Lowell, Marzoli, Rieter and Trutzschler.


Mojo! Positive Energy! Families! That's who we are! American manufacturing. Established in 1870. Oldest Pin Makers in USA. That's W.H. Bagshaw Company!

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The safety and well being of our employees comes first at W.H. Bagshaw Company. We are committed to maintaining a healthy, safe, and stigma-free work environment through our participation in the NH “Recovery Friendly Workplace” (RFW) Initiative!


You are probably wondering if W.H. Bagshaw can make your part. The part or print that is on your desk right now! The answer is probably yes, but here is a bit more detail. We can produce from .028" to 1.25'' in diameter. Take a look at our parts library for some great examples of parts we can manufacture for you.

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