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W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc.’s Specialty Fasteners Offer Unparalleled Versatility, Durability and Value

Nashua, New Hampshire – W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc., America’s oldest pin manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of high-performance pointed, non-pointed and precision –turned specialty fasteners including coiled pins, cotter pins, dented pins, dowel pins, grooved pins, hitch pins, knurled pins, linch pins, rolled pins, slotted pins and tapered pins. W.H. Bagshaw manufactures quality pointed, non-pointed and precision turned Swiss-CNC fasteners from a variety of high-performance materials including, 300 and 400 series stainless steel, aluminum, beryulium copper, chrome alloy steel, delrin, high, low and super carbon steel, Teflon and tool steel. Ideal for an extensive range of light, standard or heavy duty operations, W.H. Bagshaw’s quality fasteners enhance safety and simplify the manufacture of machines and structures by decreasing the need for large, one-piece parts.

“W.H. Bagshaw’s core manufacturing competencies enable us to offer our valued customers quality fasteners and solutions that satisfy demand for increased product diversity with reduced manufacturing cycles and delivery times,” states W.H. Bagshaw President, Aaron Bagshaw. W.H. Bagshaw’s engineers benchmark for overall effectiveness, cost, reliability, and safety to ensure maximum fastener efficiency. W.H. Bagshaw’s quality fasteners, industrial fasteners, metric fasteners, plastic fasteners and specialty fasteners are quality manufactured to exact specifications and deliver unparalleled performance, durability and value.

Specialty fasteners custom designed and engineered by W.H. Bagshaw enhance production flexibility for diverse applications and the evolution of your business. “Our ISO 9001:2000 certified facility produces some of the highest quality ultra-precision fasteners in the world,” Bagshaw says. “W.H. Bagshaw was conceived with a singular vision: to supply quality products for industry that would strategically align our customers’ enterprise with their core markets, maximize profits and create opportunity for sustained success. Five generations later, the Bagshaw family remains committed to the founding vision and have expanded W.H. Bagsahw’s capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our domestic and international customers.” W.H. Bagshaw actively practices the principles of total quality management which integrates fastener manufacturing and all organizational functions toward innovation, continuous quality improvement and total customer satisfaction.

W.H. Bagshaw Company has earned our commanding industry reputation by supplying high-performance fasteners to valued customers in the following industries: Automotive, Defense, Electronic, Industrial, Medical, Surgical and Veterinary. Please visit to learn how we can meet your critical business objectives with our quality range of fasteners, pins and wire products.


Mojo! Positive Energy! Families! That's who we are! American manufacturing. Established in 1870. Oldest Pin Makers in USA. That's W.H. Bagshaw Company!

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The safety and well being of our employees comes first at W.H. Bagshaw Company. We are committed to maintaining a healthy, safe, and stigma-free work environment through our participation in the NH “Recovery Friendly Workplace” (RFW) Initiative!


You are probably wondering if W.H. Bagshaw can make your part. The part or print that is on your desk right now! The answer is probably yes, but here is a bit more detail. We can produce from .028" to 1.25'' in diameter. Take a look at our parts library for some great examples of parts we can manufacture for you.

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