Delrin® (acetal homopolymer) is a crystalline plastic which offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastic. It possesses high tensile strength, has low moisture absorption and is chemically resistant to hydrocarbons, solvents and neutral chemicals. Call or email for more details.


PEEK – polyetheretherketone is a thermoplastic polycondensate. It has high tensile and flex strength, high impact strength and high fatigue limit. PEEK has a high heat distortion temperature, high chemical resistance and high radiation resistance with good electrical properties, good slip and wear characteristics and low flammability. Uses include insulators and connectors, plasma arc torch bodies, chemical pump gears and plates, high pressure liquid/gas chromatography parts to name a few.


Rulon J – another thermoplastic polymer, this with the lowest coefficient of friction of all the PTFE grades. It operates exceptionally well against soft mating pieces. It is ideally suited for start/stop applications where stick-slip must be eliminated. Great in bearing and wear component applications


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The safety and well being of our employees comes first at W.H. Bagshaw Company. We are committed to maintaining a healthy, safe, and stigma-free work environment through our participation in the NH “Recovery Friendly Workplace” (RFW) Initiative!


You are probably wondering if W.H. Bagshaw can make your part. The part or print that is on your desk right now! The answer is probably yes, but here is a bit more detail. We can produce from .028" to 1.25'' in diameter. Take a look at our parts library for some great examples of parts we can manufacture for you.

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