The Doyle Parker Horvath Annual Softball Tournament

The Bagshaw team came together recently for the 3rd Annual Doyle Parker-Horvath Softball Tournament.  Funds are raised for his two sons and laughter and memories are shared.  One of these years, our team may actually win, too!  Win or lose, its a very special weekend for our crew. These new Bagshaw Co. T-shirts were a huge hit so we decided to extend the offer to all.  Buy one of these t-shirts for $20 and $10 will go to Doyle’s Kids Fund. Email or call 1-800-343-7467 for sizing available and more information. HURRY limited stock!!
Doyle Parker-Horvath 1978-2010
100% Cotton T-shirts !
Sizes & quantities available
Mens Regular Hanes: L (8), XL(2), XXL(1)
Men’s Thin T-shirt: L(7), XL(6), XXL(2)
Womens: M(1), L(5), XL(5)
















You are probably wondering if W.H. Bagshaw can make your part. The part or print that is on your desk right now! The answer is probably yes, but here is a bit more detail. We can produce from .028" to 1.25'' in diameter. Take a look at our parts library for some great examples of parts we can manufacture for you.

WH Bagshaw pins