Custom Aluminum Machining

W.H. Bagshaw Company offers custom-made precision aluminum components for any application.

Discover the Benefits of Aluminum

Did You Know That Aluminum Is

A light weight structural material that gives multiple options depending on application requirements. It boasts certain properties that make it a popular CNC machining material, including:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Light weight
  • Well suited to automatic lathes
  • Easily removed fine chips while machining at high speeds
  • 100% recyclable
  • Excellent conductor of heat and electricity

Aluminum can also be anodized, delivering additional benefits. These qualities, as well as the relative affordability of aluminum, make CNC aluminum alloy parts excellent candidates for high-volume orders.

aerospace aluminum part

Popular Aluminum Alloys

Being an extremely versatile metal, there are a variety of grades to choose from. Pure aluminum is soft and has limited strength. Small amounts of elements such as copper, magnesium, and zinc are often added to increase strength. The most requested four at Bagshaw Co. are:

  • 2011 T-3
  • 2024 T-4
  • 6061 T-6
  • 7075 T-6
aluminum housing

Common CNC Aluminum Parts & Applications

Due to its exceptional machinability, aluminum can be used to create a wide variety of custom parts, including:

  • Threaded housings
  • Shafts
  • Connector tube
  • Valve insert
  • And more

Precision aluminum components are commonly used for applications in the electronics, aerospace, and medical industries; however, aluminum is suitable for use in almost any industry.

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CNC Aluminum Parts at a Glance

  • CNC Aluminum Parts at a Glance
    Common Parts
    Common Applications
    Excellent machinability
    2011 T-3
    Valve inserts
    General screw machine parts
    Strength-to-weight ratio
    2024 T-4
    Fasteners and fittings for the automotive industry
    6061 T-6
    Threaded housings
    General fabrication
    Excellent heat and electrical conductivity
    7075 T-6
    Aerospace structural pieces

Why Choose W.H. Bagshaw Company?

With over 150 years of experience manufacturing parts, W.H. Bagshaw Company offers a truly unparalleled level of expertise in custom aluminum machining. We work with your choice of aluminum and offer numerous plating options such as electroless plating, zinc or chrome.  All of our precision CNC machining operations adhere to strict quality standards, and our company is ISO 9001:2015-certified.

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