Bagshaw History

The W.H. Bagshaw Company is the oldest pin manufacturer in America.

Our company, like our products, is built on quality – quality people manufacturing quality products, since 1870. We are a family business, and our success is based on pride, responsiveness and respect. Our solid base of customers, proven products and process, paired with experienced employees provide us with a solid foundation for continued growth. We maintain a strong market base in our core pin production and are rapidly growing our CNC department, which allows us to offer CNC precision components that appeal to the medical, aerospace, defense and other high tech industries. We’re a job shop manufacturer, and our parts are going into other applications 80% of the time, so you’ll rarely see our parts in everyday life. We like to say that if our parts are not made to print, then million dollar pieces of equipment cannot run. The parts we manufacture end up in planes, military vehicles, medical devices, and agricultural machines. Our parts are used to separate open from closed pistachios, keep rescue workers from falling into the ice, keep cinema projectors running correctly, keep dialysis machines pumping, and keep airplanes in the sky.

Our Culture & Core Values

Our company values have always been Family, Empowerment, Make it Happen and Courage & Perseverance.

With the same entrepreneurial spirit of our founding father, the company has evolved its processes and products over the decades. Our most recent chapter has been in the precision turned parts market. In response to customer inquiries, we entered the CNC market and now turn parts for the Medical, Aerospace, Defense, and High Tech industries. Our dedication to world-class manufacturing that was honed in the manufacturing of more simple pins continues with our CNC department. Our many years of experience and comprehensive pin knowledge allow us to provide solutions to all our customers’ continually changing needs. We manufacture to exact specifications and precise tolerances, and embody lean principles, including continuous improvement and reduction of waste to ensure our competitive position in the marketplace.

CNC precision machining

With “Quality in Every Step” and a lean focus, we partner with our customers to exceed expectations and provide unmatched service with a family business feel. The W.H. Bagshaw Company has integrated quality audits at every step of the production process and ensures quality is priority through the entire process flow. Our commitment to production quality is evident in our investment in measuring equipment, with a micrometer or vernier always at arm’s reach. We control all of our processes through our Quality Management System, from order entry to shipping and receiving. We are ISO certified and continually making our processes and products better while proving our commitment to customer satisfaction with impeccable service. Our customers enjoy high quality products and accurate on-time delivery, year after year as a combined result of an effective Quality Management System and employees dedicated to quality.

Can We Make the Parts You Need?

Pointed, Non-Pointed Wire Products, Swiss CNC Machined Parts and Pinned Assemblies.

You are probably wondering if W.H. Bagshaw can make your part...the part or print that is on your desk right now! The answer is probably "yes!", but here is a bit more detail. We can produce from .024″ to 3” in diameter. Take a look at our parts library for some examples of precision parts we can manufacture for you.