Opening Day at Walter Bat Company

W.H. Bagshaw

Nashua, NH – From one of America’s oldest family-run manufacturing companies, W.H. Bagshaw Company, comes the Walter Bat Company!

W.H. Bagshaw Company, a 5th generation family business led by Aaron and Adria Bagshaw, provides precision turned parts to industries such as medical, aerospace, and defense.  The W.H. Bagshaw Company was founded in 1870 in Lowell, MA by Walter Henry Bagshaw, moved to Nashua, NH in 1949, and has continued to make pins and precision metal components for a variety of industries over the decades.  As part of their commitment to evolving the business and creating jobs, they recently acquired Gryphon Bat Company from Nashua Silver Knights Assistant Coach Ariel Ramos, who will be focusing on coaching.  For almost ten years, Gryphon Bats has offered custom, premium, hardwood bats. Turning wood into bats uses the same concept as the process of turning metal into components, leveraging the extensive skill set of W.H. Bagshaw’s manufacturing personnel while providing an opportunity for the machinists to be more hands-on and creative.

“The Walter Bat Company is the culmination of two passions in our family: entrepreneurship and baseball,” says owner Aaron Bagshaw. “Adria and I are excited to see how energized our employees are by this new business”.

At Walter Bat, hand-selected premium maple, birch, and ash billets are sourced from the Northeastern United States and Canada. Only the highest graded wood is acceptable for use in a “Walter” baseball bat. Once the right billet of wood is selected, bats are turned, hand-sanded, and hand-finished to the exact specifications of each model. Extensive sanding and finishing processes also provide a thorough check for any imperfections. Stringent dimensional tolerances are held to ensure consistency from bat to bat and order to order. Every baseball bat manufactured by Walter Bats has met the highest quality standards before being boxed and shipped to customers.

The bats are manufactured at the existing location at 1 Pine Street Extension in Nashua under the new brand, the “Walter Bat Company”, which is a nod to founder Walter Henry Bagshaw.  In addition to providing bats to local youth, recreation and semi-pro teams and leagues for play, they also craft commemorative award or trophy bats, limited edition bats, custom bats made to customer specifications that can be personalized with colors and engraving, and will carry stock training and hitting bats as well as related apparel and gifts.

A formal ribbon cutting will be held on June 25th.  For more information on the event, contact

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