Custom Carbon Steel Machining

W.H. Bagshaw Company offers custom-made precision carbon steel components for any application.

Discover the Benefits of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is  composed of mainly steel and carbon along with iron and other elements. The carbon content is often as high as 2.5%, therefore it’s chosen for applications that require durability and a strong material. Some of the attractive benefits are :

  • Added strength
  • Increased carburized ability
  • Well suited to automatic lathes
  • Lower cost metal
  • 100% recyclable

These qualities, as well as the machineability, make CNC carbon steel parts excellent candidates for high-volume orders.

tapered pin

Popular Carbon Steel Grades

Being an extremely versatile metal, there are a variety of grades to choose from. The most requested four at Bagshaw Co. are:

  • 1060-1070 high carbon
  • 1018 low carbon
  • 12L14
  • 1215 low carbon
carbon steel

Common CNC Carbon Steel Parts & Applications

Due to its exceptional machinability, carbon steel can be used to create a wide variety of custom parts, including:

  • Hinge Pins
  • Shafts
  • Threaded Screws
  • Pivot Pin
  • And more

Precision carbon steel components are commonly used for applications in the automotive and defense industries; however, carbon is suitable for use in almost any industry.

straight knurl

CNC Carbon Steel Parts at a Glance

  • CNC Carbon Steel Parts at a Glance
    Common Parts
    Common Applications
    Excellent machinability
    Cam Shaft
    Commercial Vehicles
    Dowel Pin
    Fasteners and fittings for the automotive industry
    Alignment Pin
    General fabrication
    Excellent heat Treatment
    Folder Pin
    Printing and Packaging

Why Choose W.H. Bagshaw Company?

With over 150 years of experience manufacturing parts, W.H. Bagshaw Company offers a truly unparalleled level of expertise in custom carbon steel machining.  All of our precision CNC machining operations adhere to strict quality standards, and our company is ISO 9001:2015-certified.

ISO certified

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