Specialty Grinding

We've been grinding wire to create “made to print” pointed and non-pointed wire products for over 150 years. Our process yields tight toleranced pins and we offer various secondary operations that complement our world class pins. With our Royal Master centerless grind machines, we can provide "roller bearing" tolerances for your round pin tight diameter parts.

Swiss Screw Machining

Our Multi-Axis Swiss Turning machines have up to 8 axes for superior manufacturing capability and minimal secondary operations. These machines can produce an unlimited array of parts.

Secondary Operations

From custom machining operations to final packaging, we can finish almost any project with a custom solution for you.

Light Assembly

Through our 150 plus year history we have assembled tens of thousands of different products. Our experience is almost unmatched. If needed we can create your custom assembly solution.

aerospace aluminum part


We use Hartford Flat Die rolling machines to customize your fastener solutions. Knurling is more an art than a science and we have over 150 years of knurling experience to back our unmatched quality and accuracy!

Straighten and Cut Wire

Lewis straighten and cut machines allow us to reduce operations as we can cut raw material directly from coil. This savings is passed onto you.

Heat Treat

We heat treat your parts to your specified Rockwell hardness (Rc) range.


Our finishing department can achieve a bright polish finish on your parts. If it’s cleaning, deburring or separation, we have the technology.

Can We Make the Parts You Need?

Pointed, Non-Pointed Wire Products, Swiss CNC Machined Parts and Pinned Assemblies.

You are probably wondering if W.H. Bagshaw can make your part...the part or print that is on your desk right now! The answer is probably "yes!", but here is a bit more detail. We can produce from .028″ to 3” in diameter. Take a look at our parts library for some examples of precision parts we can manufacture for you.